About the Course


The Professional Bed & Breakfast Course is designed to prepare you for the challenges of starting and running a professional B&B business. Whether you new to the B&B industry or a long time owner, the course will teach you the strategies that characterise a professional B&B and how to incorporate them into your own business.

For prospective owners

As a prospective B&B owner, the course will help you examine your personal set of circumstances and make an informed decision about whether you, your family, your home and your bank balance are ready to enter the Bed & Breakfast industry.

For existing owners

As an existing B&B owner, the course will teach you how to effectively manage, operate and market your business on a day to day basis. It will also assist you in evaluating your current B&B practices with a view to running an efficient, professional and profitable business.

About the Institute

The Bed & Breakfast Institute consists of a team of experienced business owners who have started, owned and managed successful B&Bs over many years. We've combined our knowledge and expertise and developed 13 comprehensive modules that makeup the professional course.

Why a Course?

  • 1. More comprehensive than a book.
  • 2. Can be completed in your own time.
  • 3. Your own tutor to guide you.
  • 4. Includes case studies and worksheets.
  • 5. Develop your business concepts as you go.
  • 6. Print your own Business Plan/Feasibility study.
  • 7. Support staff on hand to assist you.
Course opened in iBooks

On your iPad/Tablet

All the modules in our course are provided in the PDF format. These document can be opened in your personal tablet. On the iPad or iPhone, you can save the course modules to iBooks for easy reading.