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The Bed & Breakfast Course

Start & run a professional accommodation business

Our online course will assist you to evaluate whether you, your family, your home and your bank balance are ready to start a B&B, Guesthouse or Inn.

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The B&B lifestyle

Learn what it takes to be a B&B owner and the effect this lifestyle will have on your family.

Buy, build or renovate

We take a closer look at the options for starting a B&B and what external factors need to be considered before making a decision.

Market your B&B

Marketing and advertising is an essential part of every business - learn how to attract your target market.

Open for business

Take steps to improve your B&B operations and ensure every visitor becomes a repeat customer.

Make money from your home

Calculator the potential revenue your B&B could generate.

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Course Content

9 Course Modules

Our course modules cover a wide range of topics and are designed to lead into our advanced modules.

4 Advanced Modules

These advanced modules will help you prepare for your venture and ensure your future is well planned.

Short Assignments

Each module concludes with a short assignment to be completed online. Your tutor will mark your assignment and provide comments.


Our course contains a number of worksheets to be used when planning and researching your B&B.

Case Studies

Case studies provide a wonderful way for you to evaluate the business practises of other B&B owners.


A certificate is awarded to you on completion of the course.


Stewart Whyte - Author

Stewart Whyte is a tourism and accommodation professional of many years. He's written 11 best selling "how-to" books for the industry across UK, Ireland, The Channel Isles, The Isle of Man, Australia and New Zealand. In between books, Stewart lectures for various tourism courses and has consulted to a number of regional tourism authorities. He has run a very successful Bed & Breakfast with an integrated training facility.

What our students say

I didn't think starting my B&B would be quite as easy as hanging my "shingle" on the gate, and cooking bacon and eggs each morning, so I took this course with the Bed & Breakfast Institute to broaden my knowledge. I was totally blown away by the range of topics I hadn't even thought about, and amazed by the sheer "depth" of the coverage. I have learnt more in the first two modules, than my total knowledge of B&Bs previously. And far from daunting me, the course has actually fanned the fire, and shown me opportunities I wasn't aware of. Thank you B&BI for a great education. M. Koens
The B&B Institute has excellent tutors and student services resources that work hard to help you every day, each moment. Actually, I'm very happy to have chosen the Institute to improve my skills. Through this online study, I salute the B&B Institute and I recommend all B&B hopefuls to learn with them. B. Jambo
Its been an amazing experience to be a part of this course. I've learn a lot in a very relaxed way. I felt motivated after each module and full of energy to complete the course and pursue my dream. Everyone who share the same dream as me must complete this course, you wont regret it. C. Kubeka
When I read my Prospectus I was sure I wanted to take the course but was apprehensive about what my out come was going to be. From the first module to the last I could only say - this is what I was looking for to help me in each area. I was able to make contacts with local agencies and form a core professional team which I was not about to start until the course forced me to move forward. I am now in a better position to make work with the property developer, tourist agency and present a thought out vision to our potential investors. This course has given me more value than I paid for it. A. Symonette
10/10 - We didn't know at the commencement of this course if this was the path we wanted to go down. The interest was there in the back of our minds about the possibility of owning a B&B 'one day' and I think the timing was right for us and the course was either going to push us forward or send us running backwards.Rather than scare us away we have become very eager to pursue this course of action and have now actually sold our house and purchased an existing B&B property. So the course was indeed very helpful to us. I would recommend the course to others interested in a career/life in a B&B industry. There was no rush to finish the course as you worked at your own pace. C. Macdonald

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